Our Purpose

Section 1: The Alliance shall act as a liaison between member clubs and all bodies of local, county, state and federal government in the matters affecting the sport ATV/UTV.

Section 2: The Alliance shall encourage cooperation between the various clubs represented in all activities that will promote the activity of ATV/UTVing.

Section 3: The Alliance shall develop an understanding of the issues affecting the sport of ATV/UTVing and communicate information so the image of ATV/UTV usage will be enhanced.  This support should include but not be limited to educational programs, landowner relations, legislative review, trail development and safety.

To view the Vilas County ATV/UTV Alliance by-laws in full, please select ALLIANCE BY-LAWS below.

Alliance Meetings

The Vilas County ATV/UTV Alliance meets 2 times per year in April and October.  To review the minutes from the latest Alliance meeting, please select MEETING MINUTES below.

Alliance Officers

Ron DeBruyne, Jr

mjcomanche@hotmail.com 715.892.6397

Kirby Giampa

Vice President
kirbygiampa@gmail.com 847.651.7065

Lisa Penner

lpenneraz@yahoo.com 623.337.3307

Lee Hoffman

leeghoffman@yahoo.com 715.385.3736